Set States not working

I am trying to get to work, here is a copy of the json file that with the stats that I am trying to change. Seems that the process does send, but nothing happens to my lights? I am use C#

“states”: [
“selector”: “label: Lamp”,
“power”: “on”
“selector”: “label: Desk Strip”,
“color” : “yellow”,
“brightness”: 0.5,
“duration” : null
“defaults”: {
“duration”: 2.0

Are you setting Content-Type:application/json and sending with the PUT method?

Also you shouldn’t have a space after the label:, so label:Lamp instead of label: Lamp

And the quotes in your example are weird unicode quotes rather than ascii quotes.


Thanks for the help, it was the spaces.

Yay! You’re welcome :slight_smile: