Setting a static IP address help with MAC

Can someone please help me set up static ip addresses for my bulbs using a MAC with a time capsule?

I get as far as opening my airport utility, I can see the bulbs and their IP addresses, but how I change them to a static address? I need help please

is this somewhere close to where i want to be?

So I clicked the plus in the lower of the DHCP Reservations window, and this is what i get:

If this is where I need to be, for description, do i put the “hardware address” here?

What about for the rest of the fields?



In description put something you can read e.g. Lifx Bedroom

In MAC Address put the hardware address of you Lifx bulb something with a format like 00:11:22:33:44:aa.

You could check the current DHCP leases to figure out the MAC addresses of your bulbs, or you can use the “arp” command in a terminal window (I don’t use Apple so I am not sure it is there)

Lastly make sure that the IPv4 address is different for each bulb, for instance start at for the first, for the second, etc…

Hope this helps

Thank you. I got my static ip addresses all setup… the bulbs seem to drop less now in the app.


How to obtain ip address of bulbs? None of the network discovery apps work. I can see DHCP list in my router client table but I have 50+ wifi devices and can’t tell which ones are for my 2 lifx 1000 bulbs. If I knew the mac address of the bulbs I could figure it out, but don’t know how to obtain that either. Read multiple threads and can’t find any solution. Thanks in advance for any tips. This is my first post on this forum.

Hi, The serial number for the device will match the mac address. You should be able to find this written around the base of the bulb. The first 6 characters will be d073d5 (our OUI)

Alternatively if you can look through your wifi list and find devices that start with d073d5 you will be able to set those as LIFX bulbs

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Hi Kevin - thank you. I actually discovered this myself before seeing your response and came here to reply to my own post with the solution. As you correctly called out, the MAC address is listed on the bulb itself next to the label S/N which typically means serial number but which is being used as the label for the bulb’s MAC address. That threw me off at first until I recognized the format.

I downloaded a free network discovery app on Android (NetX by Netgel), connected and scanned the same WiFi network as the bulb, and then searched for the MAC address which then lists the IP address alongside it.

I used this IP address to configure my Google Home Assistant YAML configuration file which then finally rendered the bulb on the Home Assistant’s UI Dashboard. I don’t know why Windows 10 NetDisco service used by HomeAssistant is unable to detect any of my Lifx bulbs. They detect my Wemo Switches, my Chromecasts, Google Home, and many other devices automatically, but I have to manually add the Lifx Bulb IP addresses for them to be recognized.

To be clear here, we’re not setting a static IP, but rather creating a DHCP address reservation.

What’s the difference? The DHCP reservations still require a DHCP server. If the DHCP server is unavailable, devices are dead-in-the-water! DHCP is great when it’s working, but often presents a single point of failure…

Is there a way to set a (true) static IPv4 address assignment to each Lifx bulb?

The ability to turn on the lights, even when the DHCP server is down, might be a good idea?