Setting DeviceName in AllJoyn About interface

When assigning a name to my lamp in the LIFX app, the name reported on the AllJoyn protocol’s about interface isn’t this, but the model number (which is also reported in the model number property).

How do I set the DeviceName property on my LIFX bulbs? It’s pretty useless to have a bunch of lamps called “LIFX White 800” and not have a proper name. It seems to me that the name I set in the LIFX app is stored on the lamp, since other LIFX apps picks the name up, but these apps aren’t using AllJoyn to connect to those bulbs.

Is this just a bug in your alljoyn implementation?

Good question. I’ve asked the firmware team for a comment on this.

Any update on this?

Same question as above. Please advise

Hi kinectic and dotMorten,

Sorry for the delay in our response. I have had a look through our firmware code, and it seems to me the DeviceName change should be handled. Obviously from your experience this is not the case. We’ll file an internal bug to investigate this further. Thanks for bringing it to our attention- we’ll post here as soon as we have a fix.


Hey Daniel,
Any updates on the Device Naming issue?

No updates yet I’m afraid.

No surprises there. My impression is LIFX is starting to get off the AllJoyn wagon