Setting multiple colors of LIFX Z with one LAN message

I’m currently working on ambilight-like home project, but I was sad to discover there is no LAN protocol message to set different colors of each zone of Z strip. That means I have to send as much as 24 messages (I have 3 metres long strip = 24 zones) before flushing it all at once with APPLY, but that obviously creates more than one second lag because of protocol/hardware limitation (and is thus unusable). Can we expect a firmware update that would add new message type that would allow setting multiple colors of multi-zone device (z led strip)?

Until then there are some workarounds I can do, but obviously they lead to sub-par results (merging multiple zones and setting them to same color, client-side detecting of significance of the color change and updating only that zones…).

If the hardware (lifx z led strip) is capable of receiving larger payload with multiple colors defined, that would be great. It obviously can apply changes all at once with APPLY/ONLY_APPLY, so the firmware (and api) only needs to be updated to be able to receive them in one message.


I agree on this. It is possible to query color for up to 8 zones with StateMultiZone message, but for setting color zones is only supported one per message. This creates lot of overhead for changing multiple zones. Ideally I would like to have variable length message with index&color pairs setting multiple zones.

@daniel_hall or somebody from lifx who could inform us if it’s possible? thanks in advance

Correct, currently the only option is to set colours for individual zones.

So are there any plans to add this feature in some firmware update? Thanks