Setting up the effect


I recently bought the Lifx beam, and after setting up, I noticed some wired things.

First, The effect in the lifx app will only stay on if you keep the app running in the background. If you close the app, the effect stopped working and sometimes the beam set the colour itself.

Second, during set up the schedule, it will only offer some specific option to set the colour to set when lights turn on—it not allowed to set up the effect, thems or the scene that you created.

Is this the limitation of the Lifx product or user (my) error?


The only effect that happens on the Beam itself is the “move” effect. Everything else is done by sending a constant stream of messages to the device.

And schedules/scenes currently do not support setting the Move effect on activation.

Thanks for the information.

Can I accept that in future LIFX add more effect can work without constant stream and adding the scenes and effect in schedules on?

Once again thank you.

I believe adding effects to scenes and schedules is on our radar, but I’m not across the roadmap there.