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Setup default value when turning light back on?

Guys, I’ve just purchased a few White to Warm bulbs.

If I dim the bulbs and then switch off the lights for the evening, is it possible that when I turn the lights back on from the switch later for them to come back on to the original setting (so not on dim)?

Take a look at the Light Restore feature, that may do what you want.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I’m not sure that link will do what I want.

What I want is the following:

If I have my living room lights on at 100% normally, but then whilst watching a film I dim the lights to 5% and after the film I switch the lights off at the switch, and then in the morning, when I switch the lights back on (at the switch), I want them to return to 100% again without me having to use the app to increase them to 100%.

Is this possible?

I rarely use the app (Apple Home) to switch the lights on and off, instead I use the switch.