Similar Native functionality as Lifx Group of Groups?

There is a great 3rd party device handler called Lifx Group of Groups. It controls a “lifx group” of bulbs or multiple groups to be controlled like one switch with SmartThings.

Problem is that it’s old but it’s the ONLY solution - that i know of - that will trigger all bulbs at the same time - parallel vs in series.

This should, in my opinion, be native capability between the two platforms. I am glad someone had a similar complaint and built this. But with a lot of changes, I am not sure when it’s going to break. it’s not being “kept up with”.

Scenario: My kitchen for instance, has 8 bulbs. When Motion is detected (certain times will give you certain bulb actions), the bulbs will individually turn on - one after the other vs all at once - mimicking a normal light switch.

With LGOG - I can assign a group, set color, brightness and set a 3 second turn on and turn off so I get a nice fade effect when the lights go on.

Is this something that you all have planned for? Is this something you can change in the base device handler for ST?



Thanks for splitting this from your other post.

From that one you mention that your lights are not changing to the full brightness. That’s odd. That they change at all means the lights are receiving a command, so as long as that command is for the full brightness, then they should be changing to that. I imagine what’s happening here is SmartThings isn’t telling your lights to do the correct thing. If you make a support case and mention this thread, we can have a look at what commands SmartThings is sending us.

So, LGog, I had to look up what that was. It seems that was built when the LIFX integration was also a Groovy application. Last year we replaced that integration with a Schema Connector that sits in our cloud.

We don’t give groups to SmartThings but you can create “Lighting Groups” in SmartThings and add lights to them (you can in the new ST App at least).

Unfortunately you can’t replace LGog with this though. I tried just now and while the commands that get sent to our connector have a format that allows us to receive commands for multiple lights at the same time, it seems ST will send us a separate command for each light in the group. Also, it seems even if all the lights in your group support colour, the lighting group doesn’t have colour control.

I would suggest reaching out to SmartThings and asking if Lighting Groups can be given the same functionality LGog has .

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Sincere thanks for responding to my questions. I really appreciate it @delfick-employee!

You are right, I had a incorrect setting in my ST app that told the device handler to only set it to 10% vs 75% brightness. So far, I changed that and it seems to be working better now. I feel silly but I guess it’s just an outcome of working with a different device handler to control my lights.

Unfortunately, the developer of LGOG has stopped supporting it @whoismoses -

I would love for him to update this to the new Schema. I mean, it seems to be working just fine.

Why don’t you give the groups to ST?

Also, it seems that ST can only do commands in serial vs parallel, is that what I am understanding then?

It just baffles me that this isn’t important enough for a major company to support the selection of this behavior. Maybe it’s harder to implement in practice? I am not a dev just an “above average” user. Is there a way for Lifx to lean on ST to get this capability in to support your groups?

I’ll also reach out to them to see if I can get some support here or at least suggest the feature.

Again, thanks for your kind consideration and time to answer my questions.

Take care,

No probs :slight_smile:

A problem that can be solved by changing one number is the best kind of problem!

I imagine it’s a personal effort on their side, and maintaining something indefinitely in that capacity isn’t necessarily sustainable over the long term.

To be honest, I hadn’t thought of pretending a group was a single device. But on thinking about it I’m not sure I like that idea. I much prefer just giving the devices and let groups be native to SmartThings rather than come from LIFX, like they do in Alexa and GoogleHome.

The command that we get from Smart Things has the potential to address multiple lights at the same time, and our implementation supports that ability. However it seems currently we only get one device per command and so for a Lighting Group, we get a separate command for each light.

I don’t have any insight into what Smart Things does and from our end we have no ability to let people customise how discovery works.

That would be great. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll reach out to our Smart Things contact as well and see what they think about how to replace LGog.

You’re welcome. Sorry I don’t have better news for replacing LGog at this time.

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