[Solved] Add bulb from iOS app 3.8.1 (HomeKit)

Hi everyone,

A couple days ago, 1 of my 4 bulbs lost connection to the cloud and would not respond to the LIFX app nor my Amazon Echo (it is 1 out of a 2-bulb pendant light)
It was a while back since it had happened to me but I thought I would easily add it back with my wife’s iPhone (forget about the Windows 10 [Mobile] apps that are total failures at adding bulbs)
The LIFX app version on the iPhone is 3.8.1 (ie the latest as of writing of those lines)
While I was at it, I first updated the firmware of the 3 bulbs that were still found by the app : it was the latest Homekit fw if I understand well.
Then I power cycled the pendant light and then tried to add back its 2 bulbs.
The adding wizard seems to have changed a bit regarding the wifi part : the bulbs IDs show up as hotspots but not with the other regular hotspots. They are grouped below in another section (I don’t recall its name and doesn’t have it handy).
Whether I chose one bulb or the other, I got lost in the wizard, all attempts failing.
It redirected me at some point to a HomeKit pairing that I tried close to the bulbs a few times to no avail.
I wanted to add the bulbs the “regular” way ie I’m not interested in HomeKit at all but the “new” process is counter intuitive :frowning:
Anyway I now have 2 bulbs disconnected from the LIFX cloud and cannot seem to understand how to add them the “easy way”.

Is there any way to add bulbs with an iPhone without going through the HomeKit pairing hassle?
Thank you !

Hi @oudouji,

you should be able to onboard your lights by selecting them in the “Set Up New Device Section …”. This will connect the light to your network. Afterwards the light should just show up in the LIFX app, you will just need to manually cloud claim it again. No HomeKit involved.
Alternatively, turn your light on, wait 15 minutes and it will be reverting back to showing as you are used too and allow you to set it up through the Connect Light > Set up or upgrade a light flow inside the LIFX app.

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Hi @florian
I went for the 2nd method : I turned on my 2-bulb pendant light and waited for almost 1 hour (I was not in a hurry lol)
I then followed your steps on my iPhone and had the usual behavior of the wizard.
Onboarding the 2 bulbs worked like a charm :smile:
I’m not sure that method (the 15-mn wait) is explained on your how-to/faq but it definitely should be if it’s not cause it saved me from pulling my hair :wink:
Thanks again.