[Solved] How to control bulbs over 4G on Windows 10 Mobile

Hello everyone,

I have realized that I cannot turn on/off my 4 LIFX bulbs with my Windows 10 Mobile with 4G ‘on’ and Wifi turned ‘off’ on the cell. (Free Mobile provider)

4G is ‘on’ so I’m obviously connected to the internet and the LIFX app does show the correct status of my bulbs when I launch it.
If I try to turn one bulb ‘on’, its icon turns ‘on’ but the bulb does not…
A few seconds later, the icon goes ‘off’ by itself, that is back to its original and real status.

On wife’s iPhone 5S over 4G (SFR provider) and Wifi off, it works fine !

Am I missing something on my Windows 10 Mobile ? Or is it yet another missing feature of the app on that OS ?
Thank you for your suggestions,


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Your OS is the issue. From my understanding the LIFX app on Windows does not support the later generation bulbs as it has not been updated.
I know it sees my Z strip but does not control it. Most likely the app. Try another app if there are any

After reading (https://www.reddit.com/r/lifx/comments/5ntqjl/onswitch_is_the_best_app_ive_found_for_lifx/), I’ve just emailed the author of lifxDynamic to know if his 3rd party app for W10M can control bulbs over 4G.
Wait and see…

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I am now successfully using https://remote.lighting/ as mentioned here

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