[Solved] Is there any website that I can control my bulbs from?


Quick question : since I am unable to control my bulbs over 4G with my Windows 10 Mobile,
is there any website that I can control my bulbs from ?

Just like I can do with my Amazon Echo from http://alexa.amazon.com/ on my W10M (works over 4G)
The advantage of a website over an app is that it’s available on any device running a browser, independently of the OS.
Thank you!

IFTTT (http://ifttt.com) has integrations that work with Lifx lights. I use them to trigger various scenes on time of day.

Thanks Tim, I was playing with my IFTTT applets indeed and there are some interesting ones to schedule.
Unfortunately I can’t seem to find how to trigger an applet manually, too bad.
And all the alternatives (Yonomi, Stringify) require a phone app that doesn’t exist on the Windows mobile platform :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @oudoulj,

Check out: https://remote.lighting

Allows you to easily control your bulbs via desktop/mobile browsers.

I use it every day.




Thank you very much @jamesfurey !
This website works like a charm on my Windows 10 Mobile over 4G :smiley:

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This is awesome! I’ve been looking for something like this!

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There is a Windows 10 app for LIFX, but it’s no longer maintained as far as I know:

On the other hand, @jamesfurey’s suggestion to use Remote.Lighting is really neat! It even has a search-bar for helping you find specific lights.

From my initial usage, Remote.Lighting is far easier to use than the Windows 10 app, and adds it supports scenes. It loads a lot faster on my phone than the LIFX mobile app also. It’s one flaw is it doesn’t support LAN protocol when you’re at home.

I am well aware of the Windows 10 app that I have had since day 1 and it works fine as far as I’m connected to my local wifi.
But I recently realized that, for some reason (not maintained?), it won’t work over 4G on Windows 10 Mobile.
For that very specific scenario, web-based Remote.Ligthing is a life-saver ! :ok_hand:

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