Some bulbs stop advertising over LAN protocol

My customers have been reporting issues where some of their bulbs are not showing up in my app. Upon investigation, it appears that the bulbs stop broadcasting their advertisement messages at some point. There are a few similar topics on these forums, but I’m not sure if it’s the same issue (notably, When a bulb goes “offline” why doesn’t it try again?).

Customers are reporting that the bulbs do show up in the LIFX app and other apps, but I suspect this is because those apps are using the Cloud API, instead of the LAN API. In my home testing I’ve only seen this issue a few times, but when debugging through Wireshark I was able to confirm that the affected bulbs are no longer advertising over UDP (which is why my app isn’t seeing them).

Power cycling the bulbs seems to solve the issue for me, but doesn’t always work for my customers. I’ve also had a customer try to perform the hardware reset procedure, but it was unsuccessful.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I’ve nearly completed the next major version of my app, and I’d like to provide the appropriate guidance & support to my customers who experience this issue.



I have this issue. Also, I have a hard time controlling my lights over lan recently because of this. Cloud is 100% Lan is 50 50. I contacted support and they acknowledged it is a known issue with no info on a fix.

I wish someone would update us.

Is the app using Cloud, LAN, or both?

In either case, I’m seeing terrible reliability.

Was thinking about implementing a LAN-based solution since seemingly the Cloud reliability is so bad but is this still an issue…?

I think this is still an issue. I currently have 3 out of 7 bulbs offline for no apparent reason (two Meraki access points, with all bulbs above 80% signal level)

Due to my unreliable 4G ‘mobile’ broadband connection to the house, I have blocked all my bulbs at the firewall, so there is no ‘cloud’ control at all.

Running a discovery using lifxlan just reveals the same bulbs that show in the app after autodetection, and home-assistant is equally oblivious to their presence.

Of course, smokeping is showing that they’re online and pinging away happily. They’re just deaf to anything else.

This has been going on for months, and support have had me go through various options, all to no avail.


For me the issue ended up being a combination of some bad hardware for a few and some bad firmware on some others. OTA update fixed the latter & RMA’s for working hardware fixed the former.