Sporadic AllJoyn About signals from the 11107e

I’ve been working on supporting this bulb with our “ECS” automation software (as our 1st AllJoyn device).
But for reasons unknown, the bulb sometimes stops sending About signals for long periods of time (very random).
I get the same results with the AboutListener.exe sample pgm (so i know it’s not my software).
If i wait a few hours (or sometimes overnight), it eventually starts sending it again.

more info:

I’ve done a hard reset.

WiFi signal strength is strong.

I did a “Start firmware update” (in the App), but it provides no indication that anything is happening.

The LIFX app works for the most part, but it sometimes reports that it is offline.
It recovers immediately if i re-display the window.


I haven’t seen this on our bulbs. Have you got a link to the AboutListener sample program so I can do some local tests here?