Stability: LAN vs HTTP API

I’ve been using the LAN API for about a year, but have noticed that when there is significant WiFi traffic, the LIFX lights tend get “sick” and stop responding for a short period of time. In some rare cases I have to physically power-cycle the bulb.

I read somewhere (on these forums) that someone was having the same problem and found the HTTP API to be more stable.

I’m just curious if anyone out there can comment on LAN vs HTTP?

(Here’s where a user stated that HTTP was better: Some bulbs stop advertising over LAN protocol – Nov 16’ post by whoismoses)

I’ve been using the HTTP API and I haven’t found any issues that I can attribute to protocol stability. Obviously it’s reliant on your internet connection and you need to handle returned errors and timeouts from within your own program, but it seems pretty reliable to me.

Can’t comment on the LAN API myself.

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Yes, I can tell you that in my experience http is much more reliable than LAN. I don’t know why… This was one of the comments I got from LIFX support.

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that you are running into issues with your LIFX App while on WiFi.

This is actually an issue we’ve come across just recently where having a mobile device connected to the local network shows random bulbs being disconnected.

In these cases, we typically recommend having your mobile device connected to a separate 2ghz network or your 5ghz network. Our recent App release( both iOS and Android) has also fixed similar issues experienced as well.

Nothing has helped, I still have the issue.

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FWIW I am using the LAN protocol with 10 gen 1 bulbs and I have no problem. My app is python 3 with asyncio. One thing is, when flooding the lamps with command do not request any ack or response. My app is using a unicast connecttion to the lamp…For the rest it is fine. Never tried the HTTP API.

One of my users reported the same issue. My app is using the LAN API and he says that has to power cycle the lights every couple of days in order to get them talking again. I’m the OP on the linked thread and the while that specific issue was resolved via firmware update I did notice this recently with one of my bulbs as well.

User’s Lights: 16 Lifx Color 1000 Gen 2, firmware up to date
Topography: 2.4 GHz network with repeater. All devices on same SSID.

I think I’ve narrowed down the culprit: Raspberry Pi 2.4ghz Wifi Knocks Bulbs Offline?!?