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Stability over a certain amount of time

So I’m new to all this. Installed 6 bulbs and I’m sure this has been asked before but can’t find the basics. All lights are installed and work fine. Until I leave them on or off for a few hours. Then they become non responsive and I have to switch them off and on at the wall . Wondering where to start to try and get stability.

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try restarting the phone. lately, doing this seems to solve any of these similar issues i’m reading about. it’s working for me. you could also try resetting your router. i haven’t boiught my own equipment yet. optimum has already replaced my equipment 7 times in 3 years!!! they truly suck. my latest router seems to freeze up at least once a day. the indicator lights stop flashing. that means nothing is getting the wifi. these are simple things you can try. don’t try the lights immediately after restart/reset. wait 5 mins.
good luck