Start Google routine from LIFX Smart Switch button

Is it possible to start a Routine that is set up in Google Home by pressing one of the buttons on a LIFX Smart Switch? The Routine controls some other Google Home devices which are not LIFX (like music, fan, etc)
For example, instead of “Hey Google, Goodbye” - you can press one of the buttons on LIFX Smart Switch and it will perform the same Routine?

Hi mc123 - did you get a response to this question. I have the same scenario and keen to control other Google Home devices through a Lifx Smart Switch .

It is not possible to do anything except control LIFX devices/scenes or turn the relays on and off. LIFX have not released any other functionality. If you have spare relays, i.e. ones not connected to any physical circuits, you could use those to trigger events, but it’s currently a fairly tedious process.

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I hope there’s some Lifx folks reading this thread and considering how they can add much more value to their ecosystem. I really would like to have some controls that, for example, turn on/off a ceiling fan (which is Google controlled) as part of a routine triggered by the smart switch button.

Thanks for your feedback. We realise there is a lot of unrealised potential in the switch and we are busy planning new features. We have already been discussing the idea of being able to configure buttons to trigger other sorts of actions, including Google Routines.


That’s great news. In good faith I have gone ahead to purchase 17 smart switches so now I’m vested significantly in Lifx and want to see these features come through. Please come through with the goods!

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