Start move effect from api

I need to be able to start the move effect from the api.

I want to use the effect to “show the way” depending which motion sensor has activated the light. I also need the “reverse” function to make the run change direction

Or just make that effect are saved and activated in scenes

You’re in luck, we’ve recently implemented this feature. See the new docs on activating move via the api and let us know how it works.

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Tryed it out - and it’s working perfect!

I’m happy :smiley:


Any chance the morph effect for Tiles is coming to the HTTP API soon?

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Morph seems to be a firmware thing, it keeps going if your phone is turned off. Surely it can be enabled in the local API as well.

The move effect is firmware based too. :blush:

We’ll take a look… Stay tuned.

If you’re in the wish granting mood, add Fire to the list, and an endpoint to see if the effect is active would be super peachy keen.

That plus Homebridge plus the HTTP API switch plugin means I can create HomeKit switches that can turn effects on and off. Which means they can be automation targets.

This may interest you Morph and Flame effects in the HTTP APi :slight_smile:

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