State api not setting brightness and randomly does not turn on - getting 200 status

I am using single state to turn my light on, set the color, and time.

With the below api, sometimes the light comes on and sometimes it doesn’t. In addition, when it does come on the brightness will only be at 1%.

Is there a issue with the Lifx server for the state api route?

Note: I did not want my light number to be exposed on the net, so I changed it to foobar-light on this posting.

  var url =

  var request_data = {
    "color":  'hue:191 saturation:1.0 brightness:1.0',
    "power": "on",
    "duration": 14400
  request_data = JSON.stringify(request_data);

  var request = _buildRequest('PUT', url, request_data);

  return fetch(request)
    .then((e) => {
    .catch((e) => {
      console.log('normal alert ' + e);

{ results: [ { id: ‘foobar-light’, label: ‘LIFX-FOO’, status: ‘ok’ } ] }

This is also a issue on the set state doc ‘try it out’ GUI: When I run the PUT statement there, same issue. Again, I got a 207 success and same issue.

    "results": [
            "id": "...",
            "label": "LIFX1",
            "status": "ok"
            "id": "...",
            "label": "Lifx2",
            "status": "ok"

Hi would you be able to PM me your account information or bulb serial number so we can investigate this?

Done, thanks!


Please disregard. I updated the firmware and it works now with no issues. Thank you!