Status of lifxlan? Python API?

Hi, I’ve been having problems using mclarkk/lifxlan from github. It works ok with rather older versions of Python, but on current systems it breaks because a use of the bitstring API that is no longer supported (although there’s a workaround). Also, the built packages on PyPi are missing several new bulbs and devices, which don’t get discovered.

Does anyone know if the package is still being maintained? If not, is there an alternative package that supports access to the LAN API via Python?

lifxlan hasn’t been maintained for years.

Try aiolifx which is what Home Assistant uses, or Photons which is the public version of what the LIFX Cloud is/was based on.

Hmmm…I just noticed there must be some kind of maintenance going on; there was a commit on github a couple of days ago.

But I’m always open to alternatives, and I’ll take look. Thanks for the suggestions.

I’ve got a fork of lifxlan (added some switch support and an mqtt example), and it’s running fine on python 3.12.0