Status offline after running the cloud command

I got a token and run the following command in terminal, but my status is ‘offline’
curl -v -X PUT “” -H “Authorization: Bearer mytoken” -H “content-type: application/json” -d ‘{“infrared”: 0.0, “brightness”: 0.21, “color”:“kelvin:9000”}’

“results”: [
“id”: “d073d52bd9fc”,
“status”: “offline”,
“label”: “”


Is the light responsive in the LIFX mobile app?

And if you go into that light in the app and into the settings page, does it say it’s connected to the cloud?

I looked at the logs for that light and it seems it went online a few hours after you stopped trying to use the HTTP API. If you try again it should work now.

It works now, I have to setup a new router to enable it.

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