Strange Android Related Issue

Hi all,

I’ve noticed a strange issue with my two LIFX Z-strips recently when using the Android App on my Samsung S20.

The lights turn on and off fine using the app on the phone but when I set different themes, such as Animate and Move, they work for a short time then when my phone locks itself, they stop working. They then resume once I open my phone again.

I tested on my iPad using the latest IOS and this worked fine, so it has to be something in relation to Android.

Has anyone come across this issue before and if so, what was done to fix it?



You’ll likely just need to disable power saving mode for the app: How to turn off battery optimization on your Samsung Galaxy phone | Android Central

At least I’ve noticed my phone gets pretty warm when running the animations so I assume it’s actively communicating with the light(s) while using the animation. This assumption might be wrong but I’d be pretty sure just disabling power save will solve the issue.

I use “Light DJ” which not only gives me far more control and effects. But doesn’t lose control when the phone/tablet tries to sleep. So that allows me to just place and forget about the controller when doing event lighting.

But these “kids” are spoiled and have to have constant contact with “Mom”. That can get in the way.