Strange Z Strip behaviour - random colour change & "drifting"

Before I contact support I thought I’d ask the community if anyone has experienced this issue and might be able to point me in the right direction.

After about 3 weeks with 1 x Mini Colour and 2 x Z Strips - Mini Colour 100% stable, no issues.

2 x Z Strips also 100% stable until the last few days - the issue being that when set to White (any temp), within a minute or two, the strips randomly select a colour and then “drift” both hue and saturation. When you reneter the app, you can literaly watch the colour % and white saturation circle on the colour wheel move of their own accord. Happens to both strips equally.

I’ve reset everything to scratch ( I think) -

  • Removed the Z strips from Cloud account
  • Hardware reset the Z strips (and unplugged controller from strip and reset again)
  • Uninstalled app from all devices, reinstalled app on one phone (Android) only
  • Unlinked all API’s from the Cloud account

At this stage the Z strips stay white when turned back on - but as soon as they are added to the network and app, they start colour changing and drifting again. as I mentioned, they were working perfectly for 3 weeks in the same environment.

Any ideas, am I missing something obvious?

Cheers in advance.

Something on the network has an effect that’s running on the Z strips, is my only thought.

Don’t mind me, it was me who was foolishly missing something obvious (in the end) - I had installed Home Assistant on a QNAP for testing and thought I had decommissioned it (Google Home commands and routines do all I need) pending further usage, but I had in fact inadvertently left it running and it was cycling the colours … :expressionless:

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