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Strip won't stay connected to the network

So, here it is in 2020, and I’m still having reliability issues with just my LIFX strip lights. The router is a Synology 2600AC located about 15’ away. A 2nd Gen Lifx A19 bulb works fine (always has). It’s located 8’ from the LIFX strip. Countless resets, static addresses, firmware upgrades, and still nothing works. Now, it won’t even join my network, even with HomeHit.

I’ve finally given up and have deleted it from my account. I’ve never liked Hue because of the hub, but I’ll now give it a second look.


I completely understand your frustration, it’s really annoying when the devices don’t work. However, this is the developer forums and is a place for support on programming with our lights, rather than support on getting them to connect to the LAN/Cloud. If you haven’t already I suggest you submit a ticket and see if the support team can help you.

Here is another issue just like mine.

Tell me more about your situation?

When you first had it connected to your home network, what was the static lease time?

When did the strip loose connection to the network.

I believe the Lifx bulbs have an issue with Re-newing their lease.

On my network, the bulb with be discovered, then offer and IP address by the dhcp server. But the bulb never finishes the ‘request’, hense, there is no acknowledgement.

Take I look at your routers log file.

My short term solution has been to set the maximum lease to to as big as possible. By the bulb will still fall off the network eventually.