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Sudden brightness issues with schedules

I recently purchased a Lifx Mini to add to my three-bulb setup. Installation was a breeze but I am having sudden problems with schedules. More specifically, I have created individual schedules in the app to turn every bulb on thirty minutes before the sunset daily.

The problem is that every day an arbitrary number of bulbs now gets stuck at 0% brightness. All bulbs are connected to the cloud and I can subsequently increase brightness manually.

Any ideas why this is happening?

I have updated the firmware in the new bulb to 3.60 and there is full WiFi signal (all bulbs are near the router).

It appears that there is a bug that prevents the bulbs to reach the specified 30% brightness. I was able to resolve the problem by setting the brightness to 10% before i pressed the power switch in the app. Before that, I was putting all bulbs in 1% before i hit the off button.

Can anyone else reproduce this bug?

If you’re experiencing an issue with brightness and schedules, Support – LIFX Australia should be able to investigate.