Suggestion for LIFX Z strip light

You will have to talk to LIFX. I have no Idea what they are doing about this. PK

Exactly the same issue here too. Right now my entire bookshelf is in shambles and and my room is a wreck. Very frustrating as LIFX has stopped responding to my support ticket. They’ve gone ghost on me which I really never see other companies do.

Check twitter… They respond there. :slight_smile:

I found this too…

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hi there,
i bought these too from litcessory via amazon uk. they are billed as lifx z compatible and though they can generally work they’re not ideal. the reason is that the litcessory’s 4 pins are evenly spaced. however. lifx’s z strips pins & ports have 3 equidistant pins/ports with the 4th pin/port ever so slightly further apart from the other pins/ports are from each other. this means that litcessory’s connectors are susceptible to loss of connection at the slightestest disturbance and their ports will bend the z strip’s matching pins. litcessory contacted me about reviewing on amazon, but i hadn’t got back to them as intended, and still mean to. if litcessory produce connectors that take account of the lifx z 3 + 1 pin/port spacing and a clip lock to positively hold the connectors/z strips together i’d give that a glowing endorsement. in fact i’ll get back to litcessory now…

I finally bit the bullet and thought I would try some on a spare set. After looking for some and reading somea guide on LIFX Corner connectors on a blog, I have tried these from amazon work a treat


Plus 1 here with the same issues most of you are describing. My goal is to put 1 strip on top of the cabinet towards the ceiling and another one under the cabinet (on top of the counter).

When I run the gap extension between the strips the second one either does not light up or flickers.

I tried 2 different extensions and apparently the max gap size is 3.5F apart. I want to try to build my own extension using very thin copper wires as I believe it his problem is related to high resistance between the strips (not a fact, I am guessing).

Hi: This is Peter Keeley, you do not want to use thinner wire for your mod. The thinner the wire the higher the resistance of the wire. I suggest you should cut off the connectors and splice in zip cord, AC plug cord, 12 gauge and see if works, If it doesn’t work, I have no other suggestions.

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Hello Peter,
I ended up changing my project and wire all together because of this limitation.

I have 4 cabinets modules /areas in my kitchen. So the idea was to run the strips under the cabinets (over the countertop), and another set over the cabinets (next to the sealing).

Each starter kit comes with 2 sets of strip, I purchased 4 sets. and now I am waiting to purchase 4 Z Controller Pack so that I can power the second set of strips separately.

Just on Lifx this is costing me $560,00 + wires, outlets, etc.

LIFX Z LED Strip Starter Kit (gives me 8 strips pieces)
$90 x 4 = 320

Z Controller Pack (out stock, haven’t purchased it yet)
$60 x 4 = $240

We love the outcome and can’t wait to finish the top part of the cabinets.