LIFX Developer Zone

Suggestions for new LIFX Beam accessories


If you’re looking for ideas for new LIFX Beam accessories, can I suggest the following:

  • 3D corner piece
    It would be super peachy keen if a Beam could be wrapped around things like cabinets, bookcases and desks.

  • Inline power injection
    There is a limit in the number of Beam pieces that can be driven from a single controller, I’m assuming because of how much power can be sent from the adapter down the chain. It would be groovy if there was a power injector piece that just augemented power down the chain so that longer Beams can be created.

I actually have a need for both of these things right now, so if I could get some prototypes by Friday… :wink:

These would indeed be very cool. I doubt we’ll make them anytime soon, but I have made the Product Team aware of these ideas :slight_smile:


I definitely haven’t ordered any pogo pins from China with a view to making my own corner connectors. No siree. That would be bad behaviour.

If I wasn’t so woeful with a soldering iron… :smiley: