Support Not Responding

Just as the title states, the pair of White 800 I have installed on the same wall switch flicker whenever their brightness is above 50%. It’s a pulsing flicker and random – it isn’t to any particular “beat” so to speak – and very noticeable.

I reached out the Customer Support and they opened a ticket and was told I’d need to send them back. However, after providing all of the requested information this past weekend, the thread went cold and I haven’t heard anything further.

Can someone look into the ticket and/or advise re: alternative troubleshooting or thoughts on what might be wrong?

Still no updates. I’ve sent a number of additional emails and this is becoming very frustrating. It’s been 11 days since the ticket was opened (and initially replied to)!

Sorry but this is a developers forum and not product support, if you are lucky you may get someone from LIFX who will try and help but don’t plan on it.

I perfectly understand you. I also got a problem with my LIFX bulb (it doesn’t work after few minutes) and I got a beta firmware which doesn’t fix anything at all. After try thousands setups on my wifi and ask about this issue they didn’t reply anymore.

If you go to Support you are completely ignored.
If you go to Forum people, they say this for developrs, and I’m agree with them but: What should we do then?. Buy other of this bulbs and try luck? hahaha come on…

Then they say they do care about customers, that’s funny, Is not that something about customers should judge?

Honestly, one expects more after spent about 100 € (product + shipments + customs). But wait, you can still pay more if you return it. hahaha that’s crazy.

Solution? Any. If you like an advice throw your product to the garbish and forget all related with this.

Probably they should say on their mainpage something like: “Give us your money, We’ll send you something, maybe it works but probably not”.

Of course I will take care of my family and friends sharing this experience with them, maybe on social media also. If everyone do that, next time we can avoid this fraud before throw our money to the garbish.

I’m not angry, however I can’t be more disappointed. Everyone knows when you buy on internet you take some risks so I will get out of this forum/page/company/whatever with the lesson learnt.

Good luck to the rest, you will need it.

If you want me to follow it up with the support people I need to know the support case number.

I don’t have the ability to authorize returns or refunds, and I don’t have the debugging and problem solving skills that they do. Your best bet is to open a support ticket, and if they are not responding fast enough (give them a couple of days, they are a small team) PM me the case number in these forums and I’ll follow it up internally.

Having the same experience. Went through the hassle of providing detailed info and photos about my issue – now just waiting and waiting – not even a “we’re looking into it.”

@John As I stated in the post just above, if you want me to follow up with support I need to know your case number. This should be in the emails you get from support.

160413 – Thanks for looking into it. -J

Im having the same thing happen. They reply to you by asking a question next thing you know it they leave you hanging. they don’t answer, Ive been waiting for a response for 4 days I know they’re a small team but man. I keep sending messages hoping I’ll get a message from anyone but all I get is the circle loading thing on my email .

Mentioning me three times in a separate thread and posting here isn’t going to get you anything. This is not a product support forum.

As I stated earlier in this thread without a case number there isn’t much I can do. If you give me one though I can follow up internally with the support team.

my reference number is 163437 I know this isn’t a product forum but I figured you could help me since you seem to help others with their questions and concerns. But I do apologize if I was being rude.