Switch colors on app v4

I just noticed that in the new app (v4), although the brightness level of a bulb is not shown on a switch, the color is not represented accurately either. Accurately, in the sense that it does not correspond to the entire HSB value set as any color picker will confirm. It appears that the switch color only takes into account the hue and saturation but not the brightness value.

Can someone from Lifx please clarify how the switch color on the new app is calculated? Thank you.


As per this post this feedback is probably better served by the survey .

In the meantime, I’m not sure what you mean by the switch. Do you mean the colour wheel?

As has always been the case, the brightness is visualised with the slider in the middle, rather than the colours on the ring.

No i mean the switch buttons on the main dashboard screen where you turn each (group) light on and off. If you play with brightness, the colors of these switches do not correspond to the bulbs’ full HSBK values. this appears to be intentional which is why i did not include it in my survey feedback.

oh, right. We call those toggles. I’ve passed on your feedback to the Apps team.

Thanks, toggles it is! I would be interested in hearing back from them about this.

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