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Tester available for development purposes

Hey folks,

I know that testing your code on a range of LIFX bulbs can be time-consuming and expensive for single developers, so I’m offering my time and fleet of 50+ bulbs to your efforts.

If you want something tested with a large set of targets, or a specific type, send me a message and let’s see what we can do.

I have all the LIFX bulb types except A60+ and BR30+. Otherwise, I have everything else, including the A60, Mini Colour and Mini Day & Dusk, the Candle Colour, both the GU10 and the Downlight, as well as Tiles, Beams and Z strips.

And hopefully soon, I’ll have a couple of LIFX Switches as well, though I suspect not by the original estimate of 30 January. :slight_smile:

Edited because I now have two Candle Colours.

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