The Beam Update?

Now I know why so many unhappy LIFX users. I got new gateway. tried to update 3 of my beams…WTF HAPPENED. I can’t get any of them to work. The ones I haven’t updated are on timers & I’m leaving them that way. All my lighting is LIFX. This would mean if I updated all the beams, I’d have no functioning Beams. It gets to connection successful and loses Wifi/internet long enough to screw it all up. What do I do now? I don’t read, ask the community or FAQ’s. When that’s the result for “Contact Us”, What BS! On top of this disaster, you had the nerve to raise the price for new kits to $189.99!!! I won’t be buying anymore. So far, the A19’s (at least 1 of 7) needed a reset. it worked.

I wonder if the Tile set has the same chip/firmware. It’s the only LIFX product I’ve had so many annoying issues that I’ve had to unplug it. I own ~30 other LIFX products, some of them I’ve had in use 7+ years.

With the Tile it was a lot of trial and error to get the controlling tile and all the tiles to get detected as a single unit.

At one point it stopped working altogether (constantly flashing red/blue/green as on firmware reset). After contacting support, I got a new controlling tile sent to me w/o issues. It still works but the set turns on by itself randomly to 3500K max brightness. This is regardless if I have the knock to turn on/off on or not.

hello, while I understand your frustration, my problems with as it’s turned out, is all my life lighting. when onboarding, each light appears in available networks list. at that point, you are DOOMED. my hacker gets into all my life lighting by hacking the cloud & each light. the mother fucking nigga, yeah I know who it is, has radio freq control over all my devices using WiFi, Bluetooth and all from the nigga’s phone. he has a partner. manager of this hell hole. i’m not believed by many but I’m growing a field of believers. 5G has brought hell rf to all. beware all!