The Beam's Velcro Adhesive

Hello, I’ve recently discovered that the adhesive velcro strips that the beam sections are supposed adhere to the with, well, mine have been up for 2-3 years and guess what happens to the velcro strips? The adhesive still aooears to be sticking on the but, the velcro stays on the beam and the adhesive separates from the velcro allowing them to either fall off the wall or if you attempt to dust the tops, you knock them off. A in winternother thing that happens is sections going cukoo changing colors. i know the changing colors is a loose connection between ends.
So readers, take down the adhesive section from the wall, remove the velcro from the back of the light and replace the section(s) back in place. wipe the wall prior to replacing. all these LED lights generate a tremendous amount of heat. that’s most likely why the velcro strips dried out. all my lighting are lifx bulbs, beams, they generate so much heat in my apartment that i don’t need to turn on the heat in winter.
And for all of you still having so many issues with lifx lights, check your equipment. you may do better to buy your own. your cable company’s equipment has limits to what it can handle. you may already have reached the equipment’s limits. good luck!

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