The color cycle and why won't it work?

New LIFX customer here. I’ve purchased a single A19 multicolor bulb as a test run, as I’m looking for an LED lighting solution to outfit an entire recording studio. One of the major selling points was the color cycle function, and I have as of yet been unable to get anything other than a basic blue-green color shift.

I’ve tried changing every parameter - especially that degree-of-change setting that has been called out in other threads (180°, 271°, etc.) have reset the bulb, have selected a completely different initial color state; it immediately reverts back to blue upon selecting the color cycle effect and casually drifts to green when it feels like it.

I have two competitor products on test (another bulb, and multicolor LED strip lighting) and neither of these products suffer the same limitation with their color change features. I’m stuck in a hard spot since I think the color depth of the LIFX product is better, and the rest of the app has functioned great so far.

Has anyone been able to successfully get this to cycle through colors? It seems trivial, but subtle color shift is a huge mood-set component and is a deal-breaker if it won’t function.

Thank you!

Which LIFX bulb do you own?

Where are you looking for the color cycle setting?

In the Android app, I turned on Color Cycle in one of my rooms, and it was going between blue, purple, violet, and pink.

When I click on the text, not the icon, for Color Cycle, I get a menu option of a bunch of settings. I maxed out all the sliders and lowered the speed to 4s instead of 8s. Now I’m getting all kinds of colors and brightness levels much like I’d see in the Random mode.

Were you messing with these settings as well?

I have the newest-generation A19 size color bulb without the infrared option; using the iPhone app, and also have spent more time than necessary playing with the color cycle settings. No matter what initial color I start with, it will rotate back to blue/green and stay there. The time setting also seems to have zero effect.

I’ll try your settings - it would be nice if I could put this on a much slower setting than 4s; the idea was to have a very slow-shifting palette of color in the studio, not a disco…


Interesting update - on a hunch, I bought a second A19 bulb and installed it in the same group as the first one. The color cycle now seems to behave according to whatever settings I input, be it duration, color change or difference in degrees, etc. I’m not sure if this indicates that the first bulb I bought was temperamental or needed a serious firmware flash, or just wanted a friend in order to cycle properly, but I now have exactly what I was after in cycle behavior.

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Looks like you solved it! Lights always want friends, haha.

I had a lot of trouble with my color cycling as well, but found the following steps work.

  1. From the Colors tab in the app, select a color to start with
  2. Once the lights are showing the desired color, go to the effects tab
  3. Turn on the Color Cycle effect

Viola!! Works everytime for me now. The issue is that you can’t go from a White light directly into the color cycle. The color cycle will only rotate the color wheel at the diameter that the selector dot is set at. White lights have the selector dot towards the center of the circle so it only rotates whites.