The LIFX Switch has landed (down under)

No-one else around here seems to have mentioned it, so I figured I would: the LIFX Switch is now available for pre-order on the LIFX Australian store:

I guess we get the switch while the yanks got the Candle bulb. :grin: I’ve pre-ordered one in each colour and I can’t wait to get them installed.

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OK, anybody from LIFX care to announce for the US market now that the product isn’t secret?
Pricing and availability would be appreciated.

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Neat, but they’ll still a live & neutral wire I assume?

I assume so, at least for controlling dumb bulbs that actually require power to be cut. I have no idea what the requirements are for only controlling LIFX bulbs/scenes.

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Perfect! Awesome! Yes! These are exactly what I need! When will they be available in the US!

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So no support for Apple HomeKit for the LIFX switch?

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This is awesome. Hopefully they come down in price as I have a ton of bulbs in my house. Over 35 bulbs.

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150 bucks? OMG
Are they serious?

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Does anyone have a demo video to see what it can do?


Also here in the US and would finally make my wife much happier about the way Lifx bulbs have taken over our house. Right now, she has to endure me reminding her “Not to flip the switch” and I have to apologize for the tape I have across all the switches to remind her “Not to flip the switch.”

This unit looks nice and seems to have 4 (programmable?) buttons.

Do I read the ability to schedule “dumb” bulbs to mean that it will let me combine switch-based and bulb based scheduling? The lack of the ability to build truly nested procedures is one of the bigest limitations to Lifx, even when paired with IFTTT-type Automation as a Service tools.

My 96-1/2-year-old mother-in-law lives with us, and the more “normal” light management could be for her, the better my blood-pressure. Please bring this up from down under!

It better do some really heavy lifting at that price.

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so let’s assume I have a bulb (or two) and this switch. I’ve switched the lights off using the switch.
In the event of a brown out (ie: temporary power loss, then restored), what happens?

I assume it would be exactly the same as now*, because the bulbs still revert to default state on power loss. The reason behind the power loss is unknown to the bulb regardless of what switch is being used or how it’s wired.

  • this assumes no firmware update to the bulbs between now and when the switch actually gets delivered.

Yeah, I’m just wondering what the switch’s default state is going to be, and if this might finally persuade the team that “off” is an acceptable default

That is an excellent point I hadn’t yet considered. I can’t wait to find out. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but those are Australian dollars. So, that’s probably like $25 US. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: I officially hate this commenting system.

It’s actually 102USD at the current moment (or 76£ for those speaking Queen’s English).

Forgot to add: Thanks @gregsedwards to make me notice my oversight and also @rsnyderpsu you are so damn right.

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I have just ordered 2 x light switches. From what I have read you definitely need a neutral as it is a programable appliance.

My primary reason for purchasing these is to make it easy for my wife to use.
I also have a couple of fluorescent lights I want to keep and this will enable me to switch these on or off within programmed scenes via the app.

Looks like from what I’ve read it’s able to control lifx lights via wifi without the need to run a switch wire.

I will say you’d be mad not to have a switch wire to your lights. I had comments from people “so I don’t need a switch for these”. Madness.

Have you received them? I see they are still pre order.

They are still pre-order. I received an email earlier this year stating they were aiming for a delivery date of 30 January for initial orders.