The Onboarding Process

Im planning on creating a system (linux) that will scan wifi for new bulbs, connect to them, and then onboard them to the wifi network. I know in the past that there was talk about putting together an API for it. Also that we should just use Alljoyn.

So I guess my question is…

  1. So are we going to add to the API and make it possible to send WIFI settings?
  2. Does anyone have a working example for Alljoy to onboard lights from a Linux/PC box?
  3. I don’t want to use an Android or IOS app.

I haven’t been able to find a lot of help from the Alljoyn website nor the web in general.


Another thing I was just thinking about. If we could get HTTP API calls for assignment of groups that would be awesome.

There are currently no plans to document this part of the LAN protocol.

The onboarding service is part of the Alljoyn Base Services, so the same methods should apply to many other Alljoyn devices. You can find the documentation for it and some sample code too.

There is sample code for Linux on the links above.

Thanks for the notes on the Alljoyn.

Is there a reason why we can’t know how LIFX programs the WIFI settings on a bulb?
Also can we get a way to assign bulbs to groups with the HTTP API?

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The main reason why we haven’t yet documented the method our application uses to configure the Wifi details is that is isn’t stable and is subject to change. Of course the Alljoyn interface is much better documented and supported by the Allseen Alliance, so it is going to be much more stable.

There is currently no way to configure groups via the API. I’ll add this to the requested features, and look into it as a possibility.

I second the request to add Group configuration to the API. I have bulbs that behave differently depending on their Group status, and to change that on the fly would make things simpler. Thanks.

Has there been any progress on the API for group assignments?

No further information yet, and it is not yet on the roadmap. I’ll follow up if this changed.

Hello Stephen,

I don’t know if you figured this out.
I’m new to the alljoyn and wanting to do the same use case : running the onboarding process from my linux laptop.
And I’m facing issues with that.
If you had resolved this, could you please help me out ?
The samples that I found in the linux documentation does not really perform the onboarding process and uses a hardcoded configuration and as you mentioned I can’t find a step by step example on how implementing this from linux either using c++ or java.

Is it possible also having an onboarder and onboardee both linux configured ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I would like to know more about the onboarding process. The links to allseen don’t seem to work any more.

Took me under a minute to find:

…and then…

You’re welcome :grin: