The Wireless Smart button for your LIFX

It is a little button that you can set up to control the LIFX, for example, turn on/off bulbs, start color loop, dimming the light and ect.
I have backed for four buttons, anybody else that will get them too?
What will you do with them, think there are endless of possibilities…

It looks like a worthy competitor to Flic and POP. The real thing that’ll be important are the integrations right? It could be the best button ever, but it needs to be able to work with the devices we’d use it with.

I think the magnetic clasp is a great idea and pricing is similar to POP and Flic. I also like how they’re going multi-user out of the box :). That’s fantastic!

Even choose 3 clicks, or 2 different click types, or as many as 100?!

This is really freakin’ cool. You can do this with Flic if you connect it via Bluetooth to something like a Raspberry Pi and program that in yourself. It in the mainilne software itself? Nice.

Adding mesh support to the buttons will help a lot when trying to get range; although, I’d like to see how this affects battery life.

A few issues I’m seeing. What is the controller for these going to look like? Do they have some sort of Hub like Flic or a bridge system like POP?

How can it control my gadgets or phone?
It turns your phone into a smart hub and used it for control.

So it’s phone-dependent. This makes configuration very slow if you have a lot of buttons and most-likely limits you to 10 buttons in use at any given area. It says multi-user, but how does that work with multiple phones? Does each person login to the same account? Is there guest access? Does each person program functions differently on each button for their own usage? Are there shared “tasks” between family members?

Lots of questions. Not saying it’s a bad device; in fact, it looks like a fantastic competitor in the IoT button market; although, there are lot of unanswered questions. A lot of it is talking about IFTTT and as you probably know, for lighting, that gives you 4-7 seconds of lag and isn’t really reliable. Dunno how Alexa’s doing it in only a few seconds including processing your voice.

From reading through the LIFX community, most people don’t like Flic because of the phone requirement. It makes it hard to let your babysitter control the lights as one person said. This is the advantage POP has, but Flic has a hub coming out in October that will make it more competitive with the POP for always-on IoT.

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As an update, I noticed they’ve only raised $200 so far :/. Doesn’t look very good when they’re aiming for $50K.