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This is a big one. LIFX App 4 now available for iOS & Android

After many iterations, coffees, tests, more coffees, designs, and updates we have released the brand new LIFX App 4 to the public.

We’ve taken a fresh approach and totally redesigned the app, from the ground up. We want users to enjoy the app more, reduce the steps to their destination, and create a strong foundation for future updates and features.

Shout-out to our beta users for your very honest feedback and helping us get to this stage.

Release notes:

  • Redesigned light list: lights organized into group cards with quick access to brightness controls.
  • Redesigned Schedules with day and weeks views
  • New Effects dashboard that remembers which effects were used with which lights to make it easy to toggle them on and off.
  • Completely redesigned for tablets, letting you control a light while navigating the dashboard
  • Improved light controls, now easier to navigate between tabs
  • New Discover tab with the latest LIFX news, integrations and tutorials
  • iOS Only - Completely redesigned watch app with color control
  • iOS Only - Redesigned Today Center Widget
  • iOS Only - New Siri Shortcuts optimized for iOS 13

Thanks for the update. I’m still seeing a display bug on Android in the “What’s New” slides.

The image highlighted in red is the animation for the next slide. This will consistently load for me on Android 8 (Moto Z Play) by going to What’s New, swiping right, then back left.

Also, once upon a time there was a WearOS app for LIFX, but I could never get it to do anything useful. I know there’s not many of us compared to the SteveWatch brigade, but is there any chance this updated App design might eventually bring more functionality there too?

Thanks for the bug report, I’ll log that for the Android devs to look at. Regarding WearOS we’ve removed support with 4.0, there were very few people using it and there aren’t a lot of devices out there. We will reassess that in the future if things changes, but we have a lot of other new features we’re planning to build on this 4.0 release.

How can we apply an effect (e.g. Strobe, Pastels etc…) to multiple groups at the SAME time without having to affect all lights?

When when we be able to nest groups at least to one level ?

Example :
[Downstairs Group ]
includes the groups below
[Kitchen Group]
[Living Room Group ]

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. . . and that a “Group” can be used more than once and the “Master Groups” be able to be able to be combined into greater “Master Groups”.

Got the update for my ipad, but nothing yet for my android devices.

Here are my tips & bugs:

wondering why my buttons text are so weirdly set (Samsung S8)

when you go to “Whats new” arent the background gradiënt objects getting an animation of some sort? also here is the button issue…

when i try to add a schedule and i choose a time it shows a.m. and p.m. yet when i press done it shows it in military time. Here (in The Netherlands) we use military time so 00:00 to 24:00 couldn’t you change that i can select 24 hours and not 12 hours?

it would also be great if i.e. you press the home button twice it goes to all the lights.

when i press on a light the heart emoticon suppress and looks like a 21:9 screen

the lamp whites look alot better and modern in the current non beta version, (think this will be when it publishes but just to make sure)

thats it… if u need more contact me via mail on my site

Just installed the update and my confidence has wavered right from the first screen:
“Your new home
You’ll find all the thing you need most in one powerful place.”

I had a simple schedule where the lights changed at X time to new color “scene”

Once the new update was installed the color was changed for all of my scheduled times to
“leave unchanged” If I try to change the color of the scheduled time the only choices are the basic colors. I cannot change the color to one of my preset scenes.

Could you let me know if you’re using iOS or Android and could you DM me your LIFX account email so I can double check your account. The app update should have changed nothing about your schedules, but it’s possible there’s a but in how they’re being presented.

Thank you I figured it out. It did not cleanly transfer over my schedules. I had to go back and fix them. On the new app they were all now on “Set my” Location / Home. I had to change them back by choosing “Set my” Scene/name of scene.

I cannot say it was intuitive to figure out quickly.

After trying to go about my daily routine for a while, please see: I do not like 4.0!

This Android app needs quite a bit of improvement, unfortunately. Every other time I start it up, it tells me that my lights are not responding with an X over each light switch. Once I go into my settings and kill the app, then restart it, it works. A huge hassle with that extra step.
My other major complaint that I have right off the bat is that it is impossible to set up schedules for the scenes I’ve created for one of my aquariums: the scenes are named “Main Aquarium Evening”, “Main Aquarium Night”, etc. but since the names are truncated, all I can see is “Main Aquarium” for each one. Not a guessing game I choose to play.
Please fix these problems ASAP.

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