Threw away box , no Manual code , no QR code , and it’s a lifx a19 bulb

Hey guys maybe you guys can help, I have a lifxa19 bulb I bought at Best Buy a longggg time ago , lost the box now that’s it’s been so long , and I can’t connect it since I got new wifi. It ask for the QR CODE or Manual code when I have neither it doesn’t let me do anything else… lost all my colors now I’m stuck on a boring white light… this sucks pls help!!! I payed a decent amount for this bulb and now that I don’t have the packaging it came with I cant use it :(((((

Hardware reset your light. This should put it into pairing mode and you should be able to add it in the app using first time setup settings.

I believe it stays in this pairing mode for 5 minutes from first boot so you need to be quick (otherwise reset and try again).

Ive already tried this it doesn’t let you , I need the home
Kit code every time or it says retry and it fails , if I wait 15 min it goes off of HomeKit mode and I can add it to my network and then add it but it keeps giving me an error , I really wanna fix this is there any way I can get add a light without having to put in any manual code ? It’s the lifxa19 on the LIFX website it says this version is the oldest one and it didn’t have HomeKit number on the product… can’t you guys just send me a code that could work and bypass this HomeKit code ? I can send u guys any serial number on the light bulb if u need

After waiting 15 minutes, turn your mobile data off before trying to onboard the bulb. Make sure the target wifi is the only configured wifi. It should then complete without any errors. You may also need to go into the advanced settings of your LIFX app and disable cloud connection during onboarding.

The QR code that comes with the bulb is the homekit pairing code.

The homekit code is a 9 digit code printed on the bulb itself. Look carefully. You don’t need this if you don’t want to use homekit however, if you do, remove the bulb from the fixture and copy down the code on the side of the bulb.

Reset the bulb to factory settings and perform pairing. When prompted, enter the code you wrote down earlier. This should allow you to complete homekit pairing.

Let me know if you have any issues.