Tile fire and morph voice commands

I’ve just set up one of my sets of lifx tiles and I am having trouble working out the voice commands.

The tiles are called “Fireplace” (they are over my fireplace.)

If I say “hey google set Fireplace lights to Morph” it starts the morph effect.
“run morph effect on fireplace lights” also works.

But if I say “hey google set Fireplace lights to Fire” it doesn’t recognise the command.
Same with “run fire effect on fireplace lights” which also doesn’t work.

And I’ve also tried typing the commands in to make sure that it’s understanding me. So what is the command for starting the fire effect?



Try saying “flame” or “flicker” instead of “fire” :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Flicker works. (flame doesn’t seem to, that just makes them red)

Funny thing is, when I say set them to flicker, it says ok, setting them to flame. :joy::fire:

Anyway thanks!

No probs!

It says flame because the setting is flame but flicker is an alias and for some reason the assistant says the name, rather than the alias you used.