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Tile Firmware Update 3.50 has been released


We have just released a new firmware update for the LIFX Tile. Version 3.50 brings a few new features, which were announced at CES this year. The Fire effect can be started in the LIFX app after the firmware update.

Please note that the Tile Tap can be enabled on the edit light screen and is not enabled by default.

Release Notes

  • Tile tap feature,
    • Double tap to turn on/off
    • Single tap to change effects (between Morph and Fire effects).
    • Tile Tap enable/disable & sensitivity adjustment (via LIFX App).
  • Fire effect (and effect speed adjustment via App)


Hi, I am a beta tester on the app on Android and it was last updated in December. There was no information about these new features also the firmware isn’t available via it.
Should I be moving away from the Beta app ?


The last beta release for Android was in December, and the next beta is planned by the end of the month. Firmware releases are unconnected to the app releases. You should see the firmware update using the public version of the app on the Google Play store.


Came through that night and worked perfectly. I was expecting to see release notes relating to the addition of the new features but it was another hidden LIFX update.
Thanks, love the new updates.