Time to make the WiFi connection protocol public

As a hobbyist and developer, one of LIFX’s biggest value-adds is it’s developer tooling. Although, WiFi pairing being gated behind the mobile app is a huge miss. It’s about time that this protocol becomes public.

The availability of all of these API’s mean nothing if your bulbs lose connection to the wifi. Onboarding bulbs is a monotonous and manual process that will eventually need to be re-completed.

I have over 50 bulbs in my home, and the amount of work it takes to keep these things paired is absurd. What’s worse is that named bulbs that are placed into groups do not re-assume their names and groups (even though the bulbs have UIDs!). This means that when a bulb needs to be re-paired, you also need to first remove the bulbs prior profile and re-create it after the repeated pairing. This becomes even more problematic when multiple bulbs lose their pairing and you need to figure out which one is which.

Please please please open up the wifi pairing protocol. It will make this product fun again.

I have another 30-40 lights that I would love to replace with more smart-bulbs, but I can’t put LIFX bulbs there until I have an automated wifi re-pairing process.

Losing connection does not require pairing. You should just be able to power cycle and have the bulb reconnect to wifi. I have a fleet of 60 bulbs and the only time they ever need to be paired is if I change the wifi password or SSID.

Having said that, I agree the pairing protocol should be public, I just think something else is wrong in your environment if you need to pair so often.

I use the same lights, app, and wifi as everyone else. Router is Netgear Orbi RBR850, and lights that are 20ft from the router are forgetting the wifi network

Something weird is happening because none of my bulbs have forgotten the wifi ever, even when I wished they would sometimes.

At home I’ve got around 20 lights consisting of various color E27 bulb models, GU10 spots, Z-strips and a Tile set. The oldest bulb has been in use since 2024. With some of these I’ve had issues of frequent disconnects but they’ve never unpaired by themselves.

This has however occurred a couple of times to some of the five E27 Mini White bulbs I’ve got at our cottage. I’m pretty certain it’s been a series of very short power outages resetting the bulbs. The location is in rural area at the edge of the power grid where brief outages are relatively common.

I suspect you’re having some sort of power events or something, this is definitely not normal.

That said, I really hope it’s time to start considering v3 firmware with a migration to Matter over wifi as the protocol - it’s taken a long time to get here, but it finally looks like the industry is heading towards sane interop and standardisation of communication protocol across manufacturers, and I’d love for LIFX to be a part of that future.

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Lights that are used regularly never un-pair, although some of the lights are used sparingly and can be off for months at a time. These lights are the ones that unpair.