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Timer with Alexa

I have a “Goodnight” routine set up for Alexa.

As a part of this routine I would my Lifx bulb to turn of 5 minutes after the routine has been called.

Is this possible? I’m wondering about calling an IFTTT routine that includes a wait, but I’m open to suggestions.

[edit] Think I need to upgrade to IFTTT Pro to stand any chance.

Going to jump in here, not sure how to do what you want but please do not give IFTTT any money, its not worth it


There currently isn’t an ability to subscribe to changes to a lightbulb, so you’d have to make it part of the routine itself.

As for IFTTT, unless I’m mistaken, that platform doesn’t offer a wait before executing option, so you’d have to use something else.

I don’t have any ideas myself but might be a better place for this question given much more people are over there :slight_smile: