To use a Dual Voltage Electric LED Bulb E26 in a E27 environment/ socket?

To use a Dual Voltage Electric LED Bulb E26 in a E27 environment/socket ?

So I bought a Universal Day & Dusk LED Bulb that emulates Circadian Rhythm for lighting to help manage my sleep cycles, locally (wherever I am) as well as when traveling.

Most of my time is spent between:

  • US (Currently ordered & Shipped E26) &
  • India (mostly B22 around and some newer installations have E27)
  • Some other nations now & then (not long enough to order there)
  • I have a local India store bought (Similar to pic below) B22 to E26/E27 converter I’ve used before)
    • Wont work with new E26 bulb; appeared it would, but did so for E27.
    • On checking, previous china made bulb model was E27 bought via Amazon US

When I googled why, the answer seems to have popped up in the following 3 information pieces

Can A Bulb With An E26 Base Fit In An E27 Socket?

The answer is sometimes.
Sometimes an E26 base will fit into an E27 socket,
while other times an E26 base will have one extra tread, preventing it from reaching the bottom of the socket and forming a connection.

Updated Data: “Standard” bulb base: E26 or E27? Both?

Sarah wrote:
  • E26 (US) are one millimeter shorter and may not make contact with the base. No contact, no light.
  • Longer, E27 bulbs will make contact in the shorter base. I have had the same experience.
  • All my USA purchased lamps worked great in Europe.
  • None of my European lamps or ceiling lights worked in the USA without bulb base adaptors.
  • It has been so long since I purchased them I can’t tell you where to go.

The difference of the lamp socket E26 and E27

  • The threads are the same but I believe E27 is a longer base, meaning a European bulb would fit an American socket but the reverse might not be true.

  • I seem to remember a German customer of one of my former employers who brought several lamps over from Germany, and had no problem getting American bulbs to fit.

  • They are the same diameter and thread size. The only difference is that the E26 is 26mm long and the E27 is 27.5mm long.

Question: How do I make it work in India or any E27 / B22 locations ?

  • Find a converter that does B22 to E26 and a E27 to E26 also (Hard find?)
  • Small DIY hack on converter that manipulates / fixes around this E26/E27 difference?

enter image description here

The bulbs sold in the UK are compatible with E27 bases, because that’s all we have. I’ve often been curious as to the difference between E26 and E27, so thanks for finding out!

I’d suggest seeing if you can swap your E26 bulb for an E27 one.
Alternatively, you could buy something like this:

That should get you working almost everywhere, except “true” E27 fittings where your bulb won’t screw in far enough to make contact.

I managed to find some E27 extenders here in the UK which might solve those last few cases. Something like these:

Is LIFX going to do such a Swap for me ?

You guys would not ship an E27 in the US and I will not going to the UK anytime soon, nor do I wish to order many pieces as this was meant to be my travel companion.

I have such a “B22 converter” but it seems its not perfect and is working for E27 but not E26 . I have searched Amazon as well and found them but my concern is that they end up being the same then its pointless.

PS: I am currently in India and hope and wish I can find a piece that’s E26 & E27 capable.

I’m just a guy, no connection to LIFX other than I own a few. This is a community forum. I’d ask them directly via their support channels, although it looks like they may not legally be allowed to sell E27 bulbs in the US.

Sorry, can’t help there. The ones I linked to say E26/E27 in the descriptions, so at the very least you can ask for a refund if it doesn’t work with an E26 bulb, because that would be false advertising. Short of either buying a few and trying it or getting in touch with the suppliers to confirm I can’t think of a solution.

You could probably get away with sticking something conductive in the bottom of your current adaptor, but I wouldn’t personally try that with a bulb I wanted to last, and you’d have to make sure there was no chance of it dislodging and shorting.