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Transition gets cancelled when lights turn on

I’ve had a major problem with my lights transition periods for the past couple of weeks. If a light is turned on during the transition, brightness and color are fixed to the current value. I’m using long transition times (> 1 h) to change the color and brightness of my lights at the sunrise/sunset so this is a quite annoying issue. Currently, I need to manually adjust the settings multiple times a day.

I’m using LIFX HTTP API to send the transition commands. I haven’t done any changes to my automation which could cause this. I have several friends using LIFX and they also report this same behavior. It started somewhere in June.

I would really appreciate if you could fix this and revert the old behavior which worked perfectly for years.

This issue still needs resolving. Transition settings are canceled if lights are turned on during the transition. Please fix this.

I’m using Schedules in the LIFX app to achieve the same result but I’m not seeing this behaviour, i.e. if I turn a bulb on or off during a transition that was triggered by a Schedule, the bulb continues to transition.

Out of curiousity, can you confirm whether using a Schedule configured in the app works as expected? They also use the LIFX Cloud, but perhaps not the same API as is published publicly.

I’m about to migrate to a local solution that doesn’t rely on the LIFX Cloud or the bulbs being connected by using the lifx script from @delfick’s Photons Core library. Initial testing indicates that not only does the bulb continue to transition, but the transition times can be specified down to the millisecond. I have no immediate need for millisecond-level granularity, but it’s there when I do.