Transition gets cancelled when lights turn on

I’ve had a major problem with my lights transition periods for the past couple of weeks. If a light is turned on during the transition, brightness and color are fixed to the current value. I’m using long transition times (> 1 h) to change the color and brightness of my lights at the sunrise/sunset so this is a quite annoying issue. Currently, I need to manually adjust the settings multiple times a day.

I’m using LIFX HTTP API to send the transition commands. I haven’t done any changes to my automation which could cause this. I have several friends using LIFX and they also report this same behavior. It started somewhere in June.

I would really appreciate if you could fix this and revert the old behavior which worked perfectly for years.

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This issue still needs resolving. Transition settings are canceled if lights are turned on during the transition. Please fix this.

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I’m using Schedules in the LIFX app to achieve the same result but I’m not seeing this behaviour, i.e. if I turn a bulb on or off during a transition that was triggered by a Schedule, the bulb continues to transition.

Out of curiousity, can you confirm whether using a Schedule configured in the app works as expected? They also use the LIFX Cloud, but perhaps not the same API as is published publicly.

I’m about to migrate to a local solution that doesn’t rely on the LIFX Cloud or the bulbs being connected by using the lifx script from @delfick-employee’s Photons Core library. Initial testing indicates that not only does the bulb continue to transition, but the transition times can be specified down to the millisecond. I have no immediate need for millisecond-level granularity, but it’s there when I do.

Thanks for your reply! I can confirm that using the LIFX app schedules don’t work. I set 1-hour transition time and walked to the kitchen, so the motion sensor sends command to turn on the kitchen lights and the transition was immediately stopped. Kitchen lights remained at the brightness and colour setting they were when turned on. They were never changed to the settings of the schedule until I manually changed them.

I just don’t get why LIFX changed this behaviour because it’s ruining people’s sophisticated light automations. LIFX should revert to the old behaviour where user could send background transition commands that were not cancelled when lights were turned on with API.

It works fine for me. I don’t believe LIFX have changed this in the years I’ve been using their products.

Just make sure that your motion sensor automation ONLY changes the power setting and not the brightness, hue, saturation or temperature. Any changes to those and yes, the schedule stuff will get overridden.

Well, I haven’t changed my coding so this must be something that LIFX has done. I know they indeed changed their API about half a year ago because they broke the LIFX IFTTT integration for a while until I reported it.

Like I said in the first post every one of my friend using LIFX API to control their lights has the same problem. Are you sure you are turning the lights on with the HTTP API and not with the LIFX app?

Sorry, clearly I failed reading comprehension. I specifically don’t use the HTTP API for a variety of reasons, one of them being it can change without notice. :slight_smile: The LAN protocol work completely locally and requires a firmware upgrade to change, so it’s far less likely to occur.

To clarify and to be more specific: I’m changing the colour temperature of the bulbs using specific calls to @delfick-employee’s Photons Interactor and I’m turning the bulbs on and off using Apple HomeKit. Both use the LAN protocol.

Thanks for the clarification. So it seems that LIFX has changed something in their HTTP API that has broken the background transition.

My lights are controlled by Samsung Smartthings hub with webCoRE which uses HTTP API to send the commands and I guess it’s not possible to send commands via LAN with webCoRE.

Thanks for your answers. I’m afraid there is nothing I or we can do unless LIFX changes the HTTP API behavior.

About the time you speculate there might have been a change, I too, in just using raw “Schedules” in the old Android app, noticed that before about that time I could walk into a room and no matter what trigger and the lights would turn on to where they should be for the day in a particular Schedule if not commanded to an alternate Scene. Which was great. But at times which I am noticing more now, that the lights are reverting to something that either shouldn’t be happening or didn’t happen. The thought of “possession” crossed my mind. Now they turn on to where they were last left when turned off.

Prior to it was like the Schedules ran in the back ground and the lights would jump to the Schedule at that moment when turned back on. No more.

I thought I was imaging things. Sorry you are having problems, but I’m glad you posted so I now know that there is an issue.

Speaking of “Transitions”, I wish the “Effects” had seriously longer, such as hours, in transition times. Seconds, what are we all suffering from Disco Withdrawal?

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Note that all of that is possible if you stop relying on the LIFX Cloud to perform your transitions for you and instead used something like Photons Interactor or my Day & Dusk in Docker tool that leverages it.

I have transforms that run for 12-18 hours. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. But not all my installs can utilize these platforms. Also I’m talking “The App” that normal people would use. Not everyone can go this route. That makes it hard for me to sell. That and the opaque lenses.

Fair enough. I’m not sure what you mean by “opaque lenses”, but I understand the rest of it.