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Triggering LIFX firmware effects with Photons Interactor

After @delfick-employee added support for linear and multizone effects to Photons Interactor this weekend, I wrote a blog post about how to use the new commands.

Particularly useful for starting or stopping effects using things like Flic buttons.

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Hello - I’m still learning all the “advanced” ways I can get my Lifx bulbs to do more. I’m wondering if using the Photons Interactor method can be used with a Homebridge dummy switch to trigger vs something like a flic button. I currently have sunny switches set up to run effects but I have no control over the speed just calling the api.

Thanks in advance for any direction and happy holidays!

I wrote a Homebridge plugin specifically for that purpose: GitHub - Djelibeybi/homebridge-button-platform: A Homebridge platform plugin to create virtual buttons that respond to HTTP requests from things like Flic buttons or an Elgato Stream Deck.