Turn mini and strip on from wall switch

Hi. I have just bought a LIFX z strip which runs along the floor and a LIFX mini which is in the ceiling light.

Can both be turned on and off at the same time from the wall switch rather than using the app?

This would be useful if the switch control the group

If not could it be done through IFTT?


From a normal wall switch, probably not, unless you’re happy wiring the Lifx Z into the lighting circuit (which will almost certainly be a violation of whatever country’s building codes apply to you). If you get hold of a Logi Pop or Flic button then it should be doable. You create a group for the lights and tell the switch to control the group.

I’m currently experimenting with an in-wall lightswitch solution, but it’s very much oriented around what I’m able to achieve here in the UK with my own skillset