Turn off on group toggle when group partially on

Basically, I want the app to turn off the group if it is partially on when I press the toggle. This would be better in keeping with the nature of the lit button toggle affordance presented in the UI, but it would also just be handy for turning off the couple of lights my partner tends to leave on dim in our bedroom after she goes to bed, instead of briefly blasting the room with the other lights or having to open up the group and manually turn some lights off…

I note that the app was actually doing this following an update a few months back, but that the change seems to have been reverted…perhaps some people didn’t like that it changed and complained? If so, could we at least have an option in the preferences? I really do think it was much better that way. I have a lot of lights (20, with up to 8 in a room), and this would really work better for the way I use them (tend to turn them all on at once, then disable or dim any I don’t want, followed by turning all off when I’m done).

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