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Turn on lights after breathe lights


I just setup lifx to work with nightscout, when my blood sugars are low or high it breaths 25 times, but after it breathes, it turns off, is there an advanced option for them to remain on after they breathe


Does the persist param do what you want? It leaves the light in the final state after the effect has finished.


{{Value1}}13.0 {{Value2}}14.0 {{Value3}}14.5; number_of_breaths: 25; power_on: true

This what I have currently, but it doesn’t turn on after the final breathe


Are you able to set "persist": true in the json request to the lifx api?


I have with the same results


So, you’re basically Darth Vader. :wink:


Following in case this is figured out. I’ve tried a number of things, but only briefly.


Workaround (untested): Could you perform two actions?

  1. turn on the light
  2. breathe (persist: false)