Turning off effects

Hi all,

I’m brand new here - just got my first LIFX+ and another 4 minis coming, YAY!! I’m toying around with the HTTP API and I have two newbie question:

  1. How do I turn off an effect on a bulb explicitly?
  2. How do I turn off all effects applied to a bulb explicitly?

I was applying effects like breathe, cycle and pulse effects but I am not sure how to turn them off. Hope this has not been asked before.

Many thanks and I look forward to mingling with you all more often in the future.

Ok no reply - I guess it’s probably a dumb question.

The way I’m “turning off” my bulb’s effects is just to use the SetState method, but it does mean that you’ll need to manually store its previous state (prior to effects applied) yourself.

Feel free to let me know if I’m wrong or there’s a better way to do this.


The effects have a period you can specify to run for and they return to their original setting from memory but if you want to stop that before the period expires then I think you are right, if you will need to stop an effect then I believe you are correct, you need to store the previous setting and apply it with the states.

The problem with this site has become it is a users forum on how to use your bulbs i.e. set it up etc. the development side has gone by the wayside as people have lost interest so not a dumb question it was a valid question.

It would be good to have an endpoint that allows us to stop any running effect and return to previous settings.