Turning on at low brightness doesn't work anymore

I have a IFTTT applet that every turns on my LIFX at low brightness (value 0.03). Today I discovered it is not working anymore. The light only turns on if brightness value is at least 0.10. I tested this out on another bulb on the same network with the same results. I testest with colors red and green. When the light is on I can dim it further down. Is this a bug introduced in an IFTTT applet update or in a firmware update?


Hi, We’ve found that this is an issue with an update to our http api. We are working on a fix right now.

The fix is rolled-out. Please let us know if you continue to experience the issue.

I have Windows batch files that worked perfectly since January that stopped working very early this morning. As of now they still don’t work.

Batch File:

@echo off
powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file “Get-LifxAPI.ps1” -selector “group:Group Name Here” -action “setstate” -state “off” -color “white kelvin:3500 hue:0 saturation:0” -brightness 0.75 -duration 0.0 -token “token placed here”


Invoke-RestMethod : {
“error”: “Token required”
At E:\X10Dispatcher\Get-LifxAPI.ps1:61 char:20

  • … ateReturn = Invoke-RestMethod -headers $headers -uri $fullURL -Method …
  •             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    • CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (System.Net.HttpWebRequest:Htt
      pWebRequest) [Invoke-RestMethod], WebException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : WebCmdletWebResponseException,Microsoft.PowerShe

Hi, Would you be able to PM me a copy of the script with any api key removed (or post in the thread if not sensitive)

We believe the formatting of the base64 auth string is at issue and are backing out a validation change right now but having your script handy would help us test this


Hi Kevin and Nick, my problem is resolved. Thanks for the swift response!

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So your fix seems to be turning on the light at 0,1 brightness if I try to use a lower value, am I right? It’s what’s happening to me. I used to turn on the light at 0,01 and I’d like to keep doing this. Please bring this back.

The fix is that the light turns on (again) at brightness levels in the range of 3% to 9% (0.03-0.09) as it did before.
My experience is that using IFTTT 3% brightness is the minimum brightness level the bulb will turn on. Turning on the bulb with 1% or 2% brightness setting will not turn on the bulb. Using the LIFX android app dimming the bulb to brightness levels of 1% or 2% does not physically dim the bulb any further. However it looks like the bulb is technically able to produce lower brightness: if the bulb is turned on with a transitition time of a few seconds to 3% brightness, the bulb will actually increase the brightness in a few steps to the final brightness of 3%.

Hi we typoed a value in our api restrictions and quickly rolled out the fix last week you should now be able to turn on a bulb at a brightness value of 1% or higher (0.01 on the api)

like I wrote above: telling the bulb to turn on at 0.01 brightness results in an initial flash at way higher brightness than the 1% I was asking for. I am convinced that fade in you’re trying to accomplish is screwing things up as this only happens, if the bulb was set to a higher brightness before turning it off

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How can this break an existing API? Is this a new version of the API?

Everything was working great a week ago, now nothing is working properly.

If I set a colour with a very low brightness it looses its colour (saturation) and becomes white. When I set a brightness of 1.0 occasionally my lights start to flicker like there are invalid settings.

If I set a colour and immediately after retrieve all lights the colours are wrong. I am using RGB mode to do this.

I’ll jump on this this morning and set up a test cycle for it.

Hey we located this bug this morning and have just (it’s going to prod as we speak) pushed out a patch. If you could retest that would be great.

It’s fixed. Thank you!

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