Two switch locations to dumb light - strapping

I am fitting Lifx Smart Switches into several rooms where traditional dumb lights are installed with straps to two switch positions (eg. stairs, where switches are at top and bottom of stairs). How should we use the Lifx smart switch in this scenario as it doesn’t look like the switches themselves support strapping. Would we live connect one switch, and can the second location then be software programmed to toggle the light from the primary live connected switch between on/off states? It’s really unclear how much programming flexibility we have to do this at the individual switch level (ie. one of the 4 buttons in a 4 gang). Integrations will be to Google home via lifx cloud.

You’re correct: physically connect just one of the switches to each light. Use the other switches to soft control the LIFX device in that same location.

And just to double-check, this is still the case for dumb lights? The stairs have custom lights on each tread so they’re not Lifx bulbs/LEDs.

D’oh! I missed that. Currently this only works with LIFX bulbs. If/when we get the HomeKit firmware, it should become possible to do with dumb bulbs too, but perhaps not in the LIFX app. You may have to use either HomeKit or something like Home Assistant to do it.