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Ubiquiti Unifi and broadcast

I have had to switch from Ubiquiti USG to UDM (Dream Machine) but, in the process, I was unable to port my settings. I pretty much have things working except for Lifx broadcast messages (LAN Protocol) which seem to be problematic.

How does Unifi need to be configured for broadcast to work properly?


I installed a UDM-Pro, a couple of months ago, along with 9 Unifi AP’s (Large Property with over 100 LIFX bulbs). I initially had multiple connectivity issues with LIFX bulbs and other IoT devices (especially Brilliant Controls.) While I’m still working to knock out all of the issues, the one change in my Unifi configuration that resulted in the greatest improvement to LIFX bulb connectivity was to switch on the “Optimize IoT WiFi Connectivity” option for each WiFi Network. (Only available under the New User Interface.) To reduce latency and repeated broadcasts, I have created a separate IoT Network with multiple WiFi Networks attached to it. I set up separate SSID’s for each AP and reconfigured every LIFX bulb to link with the closest AP SSID. Each of those WiFi Networks is configured for 2.4 GHz only. I also manually configured each AP’s Broadcast Strenght and Channel to minimize interfereance. Since the UDM-Pro permits you to create multiple networks with cross-communication, I have a separate primary network with a dual-band Wifi Network, assigned to all AP’s. This permits me to use my iPhone, Alexa, etc on the main network to control all LIFX bulbs simultaneously, regardless of which if the IoT WiFi networks they are linked with.